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Sunrun Hit By W-2 Spear-Phishing Scam

The latest organization to fall victim to a widespread W-2 phishing scam is San Francisco-based solar electricity provider Sunrun. The company claims a cybercriminal impersonating Sunrun Chief Executive Officer Lynn Jurich sent a spear-phishing email to the payroll department on January 20, 2017. The attacker requested W-2 tax documents for all employees. The targeted employee … More

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Twitter Phishing Scam Steals Critical Account Data

Cybercriminals are spreading a Twitter phishing scam that tricks users into “verifying” their accounts to steal credentials and credit card information. Researchers discovered legitimate ads were placed on the social media website to target brand managers and industry influencers, according to reports. However, the ads allegedly redirected to a phishing website that requests users to … More

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UK’s Tiverton Town Council Hit by Ransomware

Hackers hit the systems of Tiverton Town Council in the United Kingdom with ransomware and demanded £3,000, or approximately $3,750, to unlock the encrypted files. The cybercriminals sent a Council clerk a spear-phishing email that contained the ransomware payload. The phishing email alleged to be from a parcel delivery firm, according to reports. The email … More

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North Carolina Furniture Firm Hit by W-2 Phishing Scam

North Carolina furniture manufacturer Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams is the latest to fall victim to a widespread W-2 phishing scam. The cybercriminals reportedly used a spoofed email address to trick an employee into forwarding the tax forms of all 1,100 employees. “We do not believe that the individual who obtained the employee information accessed … More

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Norway Accuses Russian Hackers of Phishing Attacks

The Norwegian Police Security Service claims multiple government agencies were hit with phishing attacks carried out by a foreign intelligence cyber group. Norwegian officials reportedly believe the Russian intelligence-backed group Cozy Bear, also known as APT29, is responsible for the cyberattacks. Email accounts belonging to members of the Norwegian Labor Party, defense and foreign ministries … More

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W-2 Phishing Scam Hits Illinois Steel Company Staff

Employees of Alton Steel Inc. in Illinois are reporting cases of tax refund fraud after hackers breached the company’s computer system via a phishing scam. The cybercriminals reportedly breached Alton Steel’s computer system on February 2, 2017. The company became aware of the intrusion a few days later on February 5, 2017. Alton Steel Inc. … More

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Manatee County Schools Hit by W-2 Phishing Scam

The data of thousands of Manatee County School employees is at risk after a couple of employees fell for a targeted W-2 phishing scam. A cybercriminal reportedly sent an email impersonating Manatee County Superintendent Diana Greene to the employees. The hacker requested all W-2 tax forms for 7,700 county employees in the phishing email. The … More

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New Phishing Technique Targets Gmail Users

Cybercriminals are using a new, sophisticated phishing technique that specifically targets Gmail users. The phishing email contains an embedded attachment that appears to be an image, but requires the user to click on the link to view a preview. However, the link redirects the user to a fake Gmail login page requesting the user to … More


Bloomington School District Hit by W-2 Phishing Scam

Bloomington School District in Minnesota is the latest organization to fall victim to a W-2 phishing scam and expose employee data. Officials with the school district said personal information for approximately 2,800 current and former Bloomington public school employees was exposed in the incident. Bloomington School District notified employees of the cyberattack on Friday, February … More

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UK Investment Firm Hit by Cyberattack

United Kingdom-based Hawksmoor Investment Management disclosed a cyberattack that prompted phishing emails to be sent out to all clients. The UK investment firm notified all investors about the cyberattack, according to reports. The attackers allegedly sent out a phishing scam to all clients impersonating Hawksmoor business development manager, Jill Gill. It remains unclear whether the … More

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