Use Cases

Use Cases

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Distributed Branch Enablement & Optimization

A typical organization today has a headquarters office and multiple branch offices, as well as mobile and remote users. Businesses may find their environments changing on sudden notice through mergers and acquisitions or divestitures. Many organizations found securing distributed branch offices using legacy tools is insufficient without big budgets, infrastructure and expertise to maintain control, visibility and security.... Read More

Security Product Displacement

Evolving business requirements have forced organizations to manage and control security across multiple applications. The new applications, branch offices and remote users require additional security tools that involve a lengthy, cost-intensive acquisition, implementation and management process. Organizations also face vendor fatigue with an abundant number of businesses offering a range of products and services.... Read More

Securing SaaS Applications

Organizations are constantly adapting their environments to meet the end users’ needs by increasingly adopting a multitude of SaaS applications. The growing importance of mobility also intensifies the difficulties of managing a distributed network environment. Traditional and legacy security tools do not provide organizations with the capability to maintain control and visibility over multiple SaaS applications and mobile users.... Read More

On Demand Security Deployment

Organizations currently evaluate, acquire, implement, manage and update new products and services in a lengthy process that can take months to years. The process of acquiring, deploying and maintaining these legacy security products and services is time consuming and resource intensive. Change means an exorbitant amount of time, money, and resources, which most organizations simply don’t have. For example, if a merger and acquisition were to be on the horizon, are you agile and adaptive enough to immediately accommodate those needs?... Read More

Threat Management

Organizations face difficulties securing and controlling existing infrastructure due to the large number or products and vendors, lack of resources, budget, and expertise. The dynamic threat landscape also requires the business to manage product and service upgrades every 3 to 12 months for legacy tools.... Read More

MPLS Alternative; Backhaul Offload

Many organizations rely on the MPLS telecommunications provider to handle security infrastructure and management. The MPLS solution is very costly and static. This requires significant attention, resources, and logistics. ... Read More

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