Patch, Segment, or Suffer: What Lessons Can We Learn From the WannaCry/WanaCrypt0r Outbreak?


We understand. It's hard to believe that networking and security could be so simple. Here are some resources where you can dive more deeply into why and how organizations like yours are leveraging the new way security is delivered.

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Patch, Segment, or Suffer: What Lessons Can We Learn From the WannaCry/WanaCrypt0r Outbreak?


by Tom Cross, Chief Technology Officer

Organizations are completely safe from WanaCrypt0r if they are following operational best practices that were matured a decade ago, when worm outbreaks like this were more frequent. So, why did WanaCrypt0r cause so much chaos, including disabling hospital networks and automobile production facilities?

A Bigger Scope Means A Bigger Mission


by John Terrill, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Today, I am excited to announce that Drawbridge Networks is officially part of the OPAQ Networks team! When we started Drawbridge Networks, we had a very clear mission of empowering companies to understand and defend their networks better than attackers. This was not an easy thing to tackle and required thinking outside of the box … More

IT Security Professionals Take a Stand: Why They’re Divorcing Themselves from the Security Product Ball and Chain


by Glenn Hazard, Chairman & CEO

Business executives despise security – it’s often viewed as an impediment to growth and innovation – but they know they need it. On the other hand, IT security professionals thrive on security and an ecosystem of roughly 1,500 security product and services vendors that compete in a Zoolander-like fashion show, puckering up and striking poses … More

Receiving Security From the Cloud: Why Cloud Maturity is Driving Security Transformation


by Ken Ammon, Chief Strategy Officer

For well over a decade, the cloud has garnered much hype and attention – and for good reason. For organizations bold enough to leverage it, the cloud has delivered staggering results including faster service delivery, reduced costs and greater agility. Organizations have matured in their adoption and use of cloud services from email and HR … More

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