OPAQ 360 Platform

OPAQ 360 Platform

OPAQ 360 Platform – Security that is baked in, not bolted on

OPAQ Networks changes the way security is delivered – from the cloud. Our groundbreaking OPAQ 360 platform enables mid-market organizations to identify, monitor, and protect all network assets and users. 

Identify and Monitor

Powerful OPAQ 360 cloud-based platform empowers you with unprecedented visibility and control

On the front-end of the OPAQ 360 platform is the user portal, which empowers you with:

  • 100% Visibility: our simple, intuitive dashboard allows you to see what’s going on across all of your distributed network assets, from threats being blocked to traffic log information
  • Simplified Management: easily configure security policies based on sites/zones, applications, user groups, and other criteria
  • Complete Connectivity: connections of all site types are covered, including VPN-as-a-service
  • Intuitive Guidance: fingertip access to knowledge base, alerts, and customer support
  • Reliable Reporting: various reporting options allow you to demonstrate the value of your security program and support audits

Protect and Enforce

The OPAQ 360 Platform has robust security capabilities that deliver comprehensive protection and value

On the back-end of the OPAQ 360 platform are global security points of presence (SPOPs) that integrate the following security capabilities, allowing you to simply set up and enforce consistent policies that cover data centers to edge devices and users:

  • Threat detection
    • Intrusion prevention and detection (IPS, IDS): examines network traffic flows to prevent and detect vulnerability exploits
    • Malware detection, inspection, and anti-virus: finds and removes malware, such as ransomware and other malicious software
    • IP and DNS feeds: provides known malicious and high-risk IP addresses and DNS
  • SSL decryption: decrypts encrypted traffic and inspects it before delivering to its destination
  • URL filtering: controls access to Internet sites by permitting or denying access to specific websites based on information contained in a URL
  • Application, IP, user, and host control: restricts unauthorized applications, IP addresses, users, and hosts from executing by providing completeness and validity checks, identification, authentication and other checks
  • Micro-segmentation: provides software-based network segmentation that delivers granular user and device access to specific devices, applications and data
  • Data loss prevention (DLP): controls what data users can transfer

The OPAQ 360 platform empowers you with simplified, effective security management that eliminates cost, time, and risk – just turn it on.

To learn more about OPAQ and how our service can empower your organization, connect with us today.

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