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What’s the key to effective IT security? Consistency and control. From access policies to intrusion detection, effective security relies on consistent application of the same rules across device, user and network. The problem? With a marked increase of remote employees, combined with the surge of cloud, mobile, and IoT, there’s a gap between what IT teams need to accomplish for effective IT security and what they can actually enforce using current methodology. The solution? Security-as-a-service.

Security as a Service Basics

Security-as-a-service is taking the market by storm. Just two years ago, only 5 percent of large enterprises tapped cloud providers for their security services — by 2020, that number will reach 85 percent. This security-from-the-cloud evolution stems from a constantly changing and increasingly complex information security marketplace.

Yet what exactly is security-as-a-service? While many companies are familiar with managed security services, security-as-a-service is not that. With managed security services, IT teams outsource some or all of their information security management to trusted third parties. With security-as-a-service, instead of divvying up your security requirements among multiple providers and your own IT team, it empowers you with a cloud-based platform to simplify and centralize security management. By a ratio of 8:2, IT security executives indicated they would use a security-as-a-service solution over an MSSP .

Advantages of Security-as-a-Service
  • Broad coverage: All your distributed network assets, from local offices to satellite locations to mobile devices are covered by our solution.
  • Complete consistency: With all assets covered within the same platform, you can easily apply company-wide security policies to enforce threat management, handle user access, and a robust set of security capabilities that takes you out of the business of having to acquire, test, integrate, and manage multiple security products and services.
  • Total visibility: Our cloud portal gives you complete control and total visibility of your environment and security policies. You can manage all rules at a granular level, while 24/7/365 monitoring and reporting means you always know exactly what’s happening on your network.
  • Ongoing updates: With the threat and regulatory landscape constantly changing, our solution is constantly updated to address new threat models to improve your overall security posture and reduce your risk exposure.
Why Security-as-a-Service?

While managed security represents a critical link in the security chain, security-as-a-service truly empowers agile and flexible security in the face of evolving information security threats and compliance requirements. At OPAQ Networks, our security-as-a-service gives middle market organizations the ability to protect their infrastructure with the same impact and efficacy of enterprise-level organizations. Simply put? Security delivered from the cloud gives you the control and flexibility your organization needs to thrive.

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