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Carbanak Group Exploits Google for Operations

The cybercriminal gang known as the Carbanak group is reportedly exploiting Google for its malware command and control (C&C) channel. The researchers who discovered the group’s tactics claim Carbanak is likely using Google for its brand recognition and reputation, rather than using a new domain or other less known domain in their malware campaigns. The … More

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Greenbug Cyber Espionage Group Linked to Shamoon

Researchers claim there may be a link between the trojan used by cyber espionage group Greenbug and those who use Shamoon disk-wiping malware. The Greenbug cyber espionage group allegedly targets organizations in the Middle East, and uses a remote access trojan that steals victims’ credentials. The researchers claim the trojan, dubbed “Ismdoor Trojan,” was used … More

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Norway Accuses Russian Hackers of Phishing Attacks

The Norwegian Police Security Service claims multiple government agencies were hit with phishing attacks carried out by a foreign intelligence cyber group. Norwegian officials reportedly believe the Russian intelligence-backed group Cozy Bear, also known as APT29, is responsible for the cyberattacks. Email accounts belonging to members of the Norwegian Labor Party, defense and foreign ministries … More

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Lazarus Cybercriminal Group Launches Global Attacks

Researchers discovered the Lazarus cybercriminal group is behind an uptick in malware attacks against banks in 31 countries worldwide. The recent attacks against Polish banks led the researchers to uncover a new malware campaign allegedly orchestrated by the hacker group. The new malware strain discovered on a group of computers in a Polish bank reportedly … More

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Russian Hackers Behind New Mac Malware Campaign

The Russian state-sponsored hacker group known as APT28, or Fancy Bear, has reportedly launched a new malware campaign targeting Mac users. Researchers claim APT28 is targeting Mac OS X devices to steal users’ passwords, take screenshots and extract iPhone backup and software configuration data. The Russian intelligence-backed group stands accused of hacking the U.S. Democratic … More

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