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Malicious Android Apps Steal Instagram User Credentials

Cybercriminals are exploiting the Google Play store to spread malware designed to steal Instagram users’ login credentials. Researchers discovered malicious applications on the Google Play store primarily targeting Instagram users in Turkey. The malicious applications imitate various tools that allege to support or supplement the Instagram application. However, once the user downloads the application he … More

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Attackers Use Malware to Hit Magento Online Stores

Researchers discovered attackers are leveraging a new malware variant against online stores that run on the e-commerce platform Magento. The malware, which is written in SQL, has the unique capability of hiding within the targeted website’s database. Other malware strains targeting e-commerce sites are typically written in JavaScript. The researchers claim the malware begins to … More

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Fast-Food Chain Popeyes Discloses Card Breach

The fast-food chain Popeyes, also known as CCC Restaurant Enterprises, LLC, disclosed a widespread card breach at locations in the United States. The potential card breach affects Popeyes customers who visited certain locations between May 5, 2016 and August 18, 2016. CCC Restaurant claims the locations impacted by the point-of-sale malware no longer pose a … More

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Russian Hackers Behind New Mac Malware Campaign

The Russian state-sponsored hacker group known as APT28, or Fancy Bear, has reportedly launched a new malware campaign targeting Mac users. Researchers claim APT28 is targeting Mac OS X devices to steal users’ passwords, take screenshots and extract iPhone backup and software configuration data. The Russian intelligence-backed group stands accused of hacking the U.S. Democratic … More

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New Malware Targets Macs and Linux

Researchers discovered a new malware that targets Mac and Linux devices, specifically those systems at biomedical research facilities. The malware establishes a backdoor to grab screen shots and achieve webcam access, according to reports. The software also the capability to record machine uptime, monitor other connected devices, simulate key and mouse movements and download other … More

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UK’s Southern Rail Kiosks Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

A researcher discovered the information kiosks used by Southern Rail in stations across the United Kingdom are susceptible to cyberattacks. The researcher found kiosks in stations that are particularly understaffed are most vulnerable. The vulnerabilities reportedly exist in the certificate upload process of the information kiosks. The bugs in the machines could allow an attacker … More

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Ohio State Veterinary Center Discloses Potential Breach

The Ohio State Veterinary Medical Center at Dublin disclosed a malware attack to the facility’s systems that may have compromised the data of more than 4,600 clients. The University’s veterinary medical center is notifying approximately 4,611 clients of the cyberattack and potential threat to their data. The Ohio State Veterinary Medical Center reportedly told clients … More

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Israeli Military Hit by Cyber Espionage Malware Scheme

A cyber espionage group has targeted more than 100 soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces with Android malware. The malware was specifically designed to steal information from the infected mobile devices, according to reports. Researchers claim the cyber espionage campaign began in July 2016, and is currently ongoing at this time. The attackers allegedly leveraged … More

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Bowlmor AMF Center Suffers Card Breach

The world’s largest bowling center company Bowlmor AMF acknowledged officials are investigating a potential card data breach at 21 locations in 12 states. Bowlmor AMF operates more than 300 locations throughout the United States. The card breach reportedly occurred between February 4, 2016 and March 19, 2016. Investigators discovered point-of-sale malware on the computer systems … More

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Smart Cars Vulnerable to Attacks Via Android Apps

Researchers discovered seven popular Android apps made by auto manufacturers for smart cars are vulnerable to cyberattacks. The Android apps reportedly do not contain basic protection measures against reverse engineering attempts. The source code within each Android app was not obfuscated to hide any existing flaws from attackers. The researchers warn attackers with minimal skill … More

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