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Russian Hacker Targets Universities, Government Agencies

Researchers discovered a Russian hacker, who uses the handle Rasputin, has launched cyberattacks against at least 60 organizations, including universities and government agencies. Rasputin is well-known for attacks against the U.S. Electoral Assistance Commission in December 2016. The hacker reportedly stole the commission’s database and put the information up for sale on a Darknet marketplace. … More

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Hacker Steals Thousands of Airsoft GI Forum Accounts

A hacker targeted gun retailer Airsoft GI’s official web forum and reportedly stole over 65,000 user accounts. The hacker told reporters he hacked the forum in January 2017, and recently uploaded the stolen data to a Dropbox account. Researchers who analyzed the stolen data found the total number of compromised Airsoft GI forum user accounts … More

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