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UK Investment Firm Hit by Cyberattack

United Kingdom-based Hawksmoor Investment Management disclosed a cyberattack that prompted phishing emails to be sent out to all clients. The UK investment firm notified all investors about the cyberattack, according to reports. The attackers allegedly sent out a phishing scam to all clients impersonating Hawksmoor business development manager, Jill Gill. It remains unclear whether the … More

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Lloyds Bank Repeatedly Hit by Cyberattacks

A group of hackers allegedly seeking ransom payment attacked Lloyds Banking Group in a cyberattack that disrupted the bank’s online customer portal. The disruption in service, which also affected Halifax and Bank of Scotland, reportedly occurred after attackers launched distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. The outages to the banking portals occurred for a period of three … More

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Dridex Malware Develops New Evasion Technique

Researchers discovered Dridex banking malware was further developed to bypass Windows User Account Control (UAC) with evasion techniques. The researchers found cybercriminals developed Dridex to use further evasion techniques and target financial institutions in the United Kingdom, according to reports. The attackers use phishing tactics to target specific victims and spread Dridex banking malware. The … More

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UK’s Tiverton Town Council Hit by Ransomware

Hackers hit the systems of Tiverton Town Council in the United Kingdom with ransomware and demanded £3,000, or approximately $3,750, to unlock the encrypted files. The cybercriminals sent a Council clerk a spear-phishing email that contained the ransomware payload. The phishing email alleged to be from a parcel delivery firm, according to reports. The email … More

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Hackers Breach Staff Portal of UK’s Sports Direct

Sports Direct located in the United Kingdom reportedly suffered a data breach on its staff portal in the fall of 2016. The retail business has not notified its 30,000 workforce of the incident, according to reports. The hackers targeted the internal systems of Sports Direct and obtained access to a staff portal containing the personal … More

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Hackers Repeatedly Target UK Government

The Director of the United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) Ciaran Martin said the British government is increasingly hit by high-level cyberattacks. Martin told reporters the UK government was hit by 188 critical cyberattacks in the last three months that “threatened national security.” He confirmed some of the attacks against government systems were orchestrated … More

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UK’s Southern Rail Kiosks Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

A researcher discovered the information kiosks used by Southern Rail in stations across the United Kingdom are susceptible to cyberattacks. The researcher found kiosks in stations that are particularly understaffed are most vulnerable. The vulnerabilities reportedly exist in the certificate upload process of the information kiosks. The bugs in the machines could allow an attacker … More

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Russian Hacker Targets Universities, Government Agencies

Researchers discovered a Russian hacker, who uses the handle Rasputin, has launched cyberattacks against at least 60 organizations, including universities and government agencies. Rasputin is well-known for attacks against the U.S. Electoral Assistance Commission in December 2016. The hacker reportedly stole the commission’s database and put the information up for sale on a Darknet marketplace. … More

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UK Hosting Firm Hit by National Hackers Agency Group

A cybercriminal group called the National Hackers Agency (NHA) has targeted the UK hosting firm DomainMonster. The hacker group managed to access a server belonging to the UK hosting firm DomainMonster and defaced 605 client websites. DomainMonster offers website hosting services, website development and domain registration. The breach and subsequent website defacements reportedly occurred on … More

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