Distributed Branch Enablement & Optimization

Distributed Branch Enablement & Optimization

Organizations are more distributed today than ever before and are continuing to expand and adapt to new business requirements. OPĀQ enables organizations to strengthen visibility and control over all branch offices, mobile and remote users.

Distributed Branch Enablement & Optimization

Current State

A typical organization today has a headquarters office and multiple branch offices, as well as mobile and remote users. Businesses may find their environments changing on sudden notice through mergers and acquisitions or divestitures. Many organizations found securing distributed branch offices using legacy tools is insufficient without big budgets, infrastructure and expertise to maintain control, visibility and security.



OPĀQ’s cloud-based platform is purpose-built to simplify and tighten control by applying a consistent security policy across an organization’s branch offices, mobile and remote users. Each branch office and network asset connects to OPĀQ. Organizations achieve centralized visibility over their network through the OPAQ secure portal, which delivers monitoring and reporting capabilities.


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