Thousands of PharmaNet Patients’ Data Exposed

Thousands of PharmaNet Patients’ Data Exposed

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Thousands of PharmaNet Patients’ Data Exposed

February 16, 2017

WatchDesk Team

The Ministry of Health in Canada confirmed a breach to the PharmaNet healthcare system in the British Columbia province.

PharmaNet is a province-wide network that connects pharmacies across British Columbia to a centralized information network portal.

The data breach may have compromised personal data for approximately 7,500 British Columbian residents, according to reports. The Ministry of Health sent a notification letter to all patients whose data may have been exposed by the breach.

The letter reportedly claims an “unknown/ unauthorized person obtained and used a physician’s login to access PharmaNet.”

The Ministry of Health warns patients the unauthorized person may have accessed their personal information, including full names, home addresses, dates of birth and Care Card numbers.

The Canadian government did not confirm or deny whether the unauthorized person was able to extract or steal patient data.

The investigation into the PharmaNet system breach in British Columbia is currently ongoing at the time of this post. The OPĀQ WatchDesk team will update this post with new information accordingly.

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